she just doesn't know when to stop

That’s why I shall insist on introducing you to the newest perversion of German compound words to cross my mind.  Behold! Freudenfreude!  You guessed it, darling, it means taking joy from the joys of others.  Isn’t that nice?

In related news, a German teaching colleague of mine mentioned the following problem her students encountered working with compounds and the genitive.  How to do it correctly: der Autoverk?ufer = der Verk?ufer des Autos (the carseller = the seller of the car).  How to screw it up: das Hundeklo = das Eklo des Hundes.  Now, an Eklo doesn’t exist.  A Klo, on the other hand, is a toilet.  Perhaps, we thought, an Eklo is a digital waste repository?

Eklo : Klo ::  Email : Mail ?


Handy as I must believe that is, why would a dog need one?  My amusement at the above can be chalked up to Best?rzungsfreude, or taking joy from the consternation of others.

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