does anyone want to buy a pickaxe?

Technically, I suppose a prospector is someone who explores various regions looking for gold (or other ores, minerals, deposits, whathaveyous).  They’re generally hunched over,  grizzled, carry a pickaxe and ride a burro.  Their lives, though, are necessarily much more glamorous than mine has been this term–they’re practically swimming in gold, I say!  Academic prospectors, while similarly pale, hunch-shouldered and grizzled, can only claim to be swimming in photocopies.  We have no need for burros, unless it is to pull a cart full of books.  Pickaxes, though…but I digress.   The point is, I’ll no longer be needing this pickaxe.  If anyone wants it please let me know. 

[Can you guess my news?]


  1. um, if i’m right, i’ll take that pickaxe, provided that the gods of admission will allow me to wield it. bet it needs sharpening, huh?


  2. close again, but not quite it (I shall be a teacher for life, it seems). Look to the “prospector” part of the clue–It seems vague is too vague on this one.

    And yes, the old pickaxe has seen quite a bit of use, but I try to heep it sharp (heh heh). It’s in quite good condition, really!


  3. Ding ding! Just doing the final revisions right now. Scarily, after this, I’ll have to start on the first *chapter*. I’ll be writing a *book* with actual *chapters* in it. That I am baffled by this possibility might indicate I am not up to the task. Might, but probably doesn’t.


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