1. Nice!
    I’m going to start writing “pachinko” everywhere, myself. 🙂
    BTW i really enjoyed your last case.


  2. Thanks!

    I took the photo in the bathroom at the bar next door to my apartment. It used to be famous for graffiti, but they’ve had a renovation, and the old, carved-out booths are gone, and the bathroom sharpie-marker sort of graffiti is now slowly building back up.

    This is by far the best graffiti I have ever seen in any bathroom, EVER. Sadly, the joke is lost on many.

    I challenge anyone to do better.


  3. I can’t do better, but i’ll submit my two favorites:

    1: “Janey’s buck teeth hurt when she blows me.”
    Lovingly carved deeply into a table in an ATM kiosk.

    2: I Like Ducks Because/They don’t mind when I say/Fuck off, Ducks, Fuck off.
    On the wall of my favorite dive bar.
    Still my favorite haiku.


  4. I love it when I rashly issue a challenge and people take me up on it! Let me know, Pedant, if you see or compose anything interesting.

    Ling Ling, I do enjoy the duck haiku–so simple, yet so profound in its commentary on man’s relationship to beast.


  5. maaan, if you knew what a real tag was that’s some bullshit. i cover the fuckin walls with a single crew throw-up with JUST sharpies. keep writing stupid sayings, you only laugh a minute. art lasts 5 days. ;]


  6. Art lasts five days, eh?

    Sadly that appears to be true in the case of Beckett’s lasting cultural presence. Hence your not getting the joke.

    If only there were an emoticon that could express my bitterness. Maaan.


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