on my adolescent annoyance with reading

This slipped my attention for a while, but my “Open Letter to Philosophy”? seems to have made a bit of a stink over at Legless in Perpetuum, where a commenter named Devo (writing as “Philosophy”) takes umbrage at my ungrateful behavior. Go read his comment; it’s fantastic.

I am a bit sad though, that my first real internet hate mail wasn’t, you know, sent to me, or perhaps posted here where I’d have had a better chance of finding it.


  1. hmmmm . . . i didn’t comment on the first post of philosophy, though i found it hilarious, but i did show it to the LOML Philly the Kid who WAS a philosophy major, and he thought it amusing. So whoever that twat Devo is, he needs to be easy.
    I was laughing out loud and highly agreeing to the earlier post, and after reading the comments on that ‘other’ blog, I will say this: Smile and Nod, or look serious and Nod, or Smirk and Nod. These are my strategies when I find myself trapped in a conversation about long dead and rarely read (and understood) philosophers with Philly and his buddy Willie the Great (a classics grad). And I have to admit, these kids are serious–they want Heroclitus tattoos. (Who the hell is Heroclitus, and am i even spelling his name right?) So Smile and Nod, Grunt and Nod, excuse yrself to get another drink–they’re all great strategies. And tell that Devo crunchbucket to lay off the expresso and Nietzsche and grow a sense of humour.
    P.S. Don’t fret, Vague, I’ll be sure to post any hate-mail I ever have here, where it’s up close and personal. Although I never have any, b/c personally, I think yr brilliant. Philosophers be damned!


  2. I’m reliably informed that in Amsterdam there’s a ‘Philosophy Hotel’, where each room is themed after a well-known philosopher. I’d be very very wary of anybody who’d admit to staying in the Nietzsche Suite . . .


  3. C–Thanks! “Crunchbucket”–I love that one and I am going to start using it immediately. As well as practice the Smile-and-Nod.

    R–Thanks for the love and the link; I shall return the favor over to the left.

    HB–Well, you know what they say about Immanuel Kant, namely that he was a real pissant who was very rarely stable. Some British guy said that one time.

    Dr. E–Thanks for the offer, but I think, on the whole, philosophy is mostly harmless. I mean, who takes it seriously?

    N–Which room to stay in, then? Plato’s would be a bit cave-like, Aristotle’s would have a bunch of poets shouting things at you, and Heidegger’s wouldn’t have a clock…

    KWH–Right, I think Phil suffers from a low sense of self-worth, thus always questioning his own existence. Leads to this kind of unapologetic petulance, but he’ll soon change his mind. Phil is quite the waffler.


  4. hey nikc i was in taht hotal!

    i was wlakign down teh hall ant the doar to teh nichzschzhcse suite was opan so i looked in. for quite a whiale actuly. an…

    no im sory i cant finesh taht joke. its to haribo evan for me.


  5. dude, you got hate mail. you officially win the internets!

    cool pix of the shows also, BTW. i like ben lee okay, but he is a little…meh. have you heard “the bens?” it’s folds, lee, and kweller. pretty decent.


  6. w/r/t piraets an lady parts – poeoopal in bsoton say ‘r’s at teh end of wrosds wihout ars to.

    ‘lady part’ is okay. i can type it wihtuot bulshign much.


  7. N–Perfect! Of course, the hedonists’ suite!

    M–Finally, I win something. Thanks on the pics; I thought they came out OK. And re The Bens, no I haven’t but I will check them out.

    HA–Boston accents. Let me go on the record saying that I love them. And I apologize for bringing up the pirate joke again; I can see it is traumatic. Won’t happen again.


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