seasonal ambivalence

Zembla: salmon, halibut, dungeness
Appalachia: catfish, crawfish, alligator

Zembla: Starbucks, Bohemian Burnt Coffee Place, 87 other places
Appalachia: Waffle House

Appalachia: y’all

Zembla: recumbent bicycles
Appalachia: Harley Davidsons

Zembla: hybrid cars
Appalachia: monster trucks

Zembla: smoking ban
Appalachia: tobacco fields

Zembla: microbrews
Appalachia: The Beast, Nasty Light

Zembla: text messaging
Appalachia: monogrammed stationery

Zembla: tofu, tempeh
Appalachia: pork chops, pork ribs, pork rinds, bacon, ham

Zembla: dread wax
Appalachia: Aquanet

Zembla: green tea
Appalachia: sweet tea (iced tea, a.k.a. "tea")

Zembla: Raven, Sattiva, Sierra, Sequoia, Guru Deva
Appalachia: Darryl, Larry, Dwayne, Krystal, Scooter, Cody, Dixie

Zembla: fog, clouds
Appalachia: stars, more stars


  1. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Ahhh, you almost make me miss the land of dixie. That and the fact that it’s 28 degrees in Philly today. See ya soon enough though. Speaking of, give a ring . . .


  2. It was nine in Cleveland yesterday. At least you vacation in warmer places. I hope Zed and Bobby are treatin’ yins’ right. though.


  3. Unless Vague is referring to something completely different, dungeness is a type of crab (at least on the east coast) that comes to your table in a small crane. Seriously, they’re the size of small dogs. Yummy though, although you have to work for your food.


  4. O– I have a feeling you might know exactly what I am talking about re Zembla. (Shhh…)

    HA– Indeed. I have yet to go eat BBQ though. Soon.

    C– Try not to freeze to death! I wish it were colder here, though. Forecast for today in K-town is a high of 46…high tomorrow is 54!! What the hell?

    KWH– Aha! See, people, I am not making this up. I went to school with a Dixie, too.

    J– It would be worth it. My dad calls iced tea “the table wine of the south.”

    P– Bubba! Of course! To accompany Scooter, there’s always Cooter, Skeeter, Cletus, etc.

    J– You must also try not to freeze to death! But I bet at least you are getting snow. If it doesn’t snow here, this will be the first year in…oh…six at least.

    HB– huh. I promise I did not delete you! Typepad is a bitch. Sadly, it is not my bitch. And see C. about the dungeness–she is right. It is a very yummy crab. I went “crabbin'” (as they say) for dungeness a while back. It’s an extremely laid back sort of fishing. You just sit on the dock and drink beer, essentially, then have yourself a big crab boil after. (I already know what dirty jokes you are thinking, here, HB, so don’t even!)

    C– That is big! The ones we caught out here were smaller, but really really good.


  5. Dungeness is also a strange town in South-East England famous for its nuclear power station and Derek Jarman’s garden. I imagine that any crabs caught nearby have three pincers, which can only be a good thing.


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