Fine, I admit it!

Last night our group of TV and booze enthusiasts started Season One of Battlestar Galactica, and I can report with confidence that it still seems to be set in space.  I must admit, in all honesty, that in spite of its spaceness, I am totally into it.  We’re all so into it that we wound up watching the entire first disc, all “oh, let’s watch another one….oh, just one more,” and we would have gone on, but we decided to save the next disc for next time.  It’s getting good!  I am happy to say I was wrong about it.

The Office - Season One

Also in the category of TV Shows About Which I Was Wrong we have the US version of The Office.  I had seen the UK version on DVD before the US version came out, and I was all shocked and dismayed that we were making it.  The US version of Coupling having been a complete stinkfest, I didn’t think anything good would come of this.  I especially didn’t think anybody could possibly be better than Ricky Gervais, and was oh-so-unimpressed with Steve Carrell.  I have to say, I still like Ricky Gervais about a million times better than Steve Carrell (and Mackenzie Crook as Gareth – hate me if you want – kicks the ass of your Rainn Wilson as Dwight), but in most other areas I have totally fallen in love with the U.S. version.

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