success needs celebrated!

The old post about that mysterious English construction, “needs fixed,” has apparently done a little fixing of its own — it continues to attract googlers from all over, and, according to my dad, it may be working to call attention to this, the most pressing issue facing our Global Anglophone Community.

?He reports from the front lines:

I almost forgot to tell you: ?repair tags at?[Company] now say “This light needs TO BE repaired.” ?No, I can’t take credit for the change.? They probably noticed the international ridicule to which they were? subjected by your blog 🙂

Victory, my friends.? Victory.? Or coincidence; you never know.? Either way, it is now time to move on to the next thing.? I would suggest working to stamp out definately, but let’s face it; that would never happen.? What do you think?


  1. I think that sometimes I accidentally type ‘definately’ and wish people would just get off my case about it!



  2. You have my full support. And once you’ve rid the world of definately, could you please do something about people who say bought when they mean brought? Thank you very much.


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