depressertation: fully pressed

Earlier this week, I finished writing my dissertation.  I wrote the conclusion on Monday and by Tuesday I had four copies of it in the mail, one to each of my four committee members.  It’s been a long time coming.  Too long — I spent months and months allegedly working on the thing but basically doing nothing.

I used to call this my “percolation stage,” where I would let thoughts fester in the back of my mind while I did other things.  Most of what I was doing, though, involved lying around the house, napping, watching television, going out drinking, and feeling guilty and depressed that I wasn’t getting more work done.  These days I wonder how, especially in the times when I wasn’t working a second job, I managed to get so little done.  There were long stretches of time where all I did was teach one class, two days a week, and…that was it.  How?  How, I ask you?  It took moving across the country and tripling my teaching load to finally get the last two chapters and the conclusion written.

Now I just have to hope it sticks. The committee members have to let me know that they think it is ready to defend, and if it is I will officially schedule a defense date for some time in November.  That’s if only minor revisions are needed.  If it needs more work, it may have to wait until next term, which is absolutely what I do not want. So, fingers crossed that they don’t notice how half-assed it truly is.  Although the work for now is done, the waiting is a bit nerve-wracking.  Good thing I have wine.


  1. I always get more done when I’m busy. One class, two days a week sounds like a recipe for total paralysis.

    My brother had a percolation stage for a couple years in grad school. He usually started drinking around noon.


  2. Yeah, I was never quite that bad, but it is awfully embarrassing to think back on how lazy I was. *Shudder*

    Now I am so used to the full teaching load that I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself if I only had one class. We’ll see what happens next semester, though, when I go up to 4 classes (from the current 3). I might not be singing such a cheery tune, I imagine.


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