it's done!

I passed and am now officially a doctor.  So far I have learned that doctors have a lot of drinks bought for them.  Doctors also get to sleep in.  Sometimes doctors are faced with problems, like a headache, for example, or like the sudden inability to figure out how to put on a tank top.  Hey, tank tops are confusing.  Nonetheless, as in all things, doctors will face these problems bravely.

I am still not sure where my minions are, however.  I was told there would be minions, and right now I need said minions to bring me some sushi.  Still waiting for the minions.


  1. Did they teach you the secret handshake, Doctor?

    Isn’t being done a wonderful feeling? It’s a wonderful feeling. You’re a real person, and not as stupid as they thought you were. You don’t realize how oppressive that damned thesis was until the weight is lifted. Or so I found.

    Congratulations, and here’s hoping for minimal corrections.


  2. Congratulations, doctor! (I like using the honorific ‘doctor’ so much that I think I’ll just say it over and over again: doctor, doctor, doctor.)

    Would some virtual sushi do?


  3. Genuine conversation between me and flight attendant on Singapore Airlines shortly after conferral of my degree

    Flight attendant: Doctor Harley?
    Me: Is there an emergency? I’m not a medical doctor! I’m a…
    Flight attendant: But are you having the vegetarian option?

    Anyway, mazel tov, you cleverpants, you.


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