oh sweet mama, your daddy got those deep edu blues

Well, crap.  School starts again on Tuesday, and I could use another two or so weeks of vacation right about now.  Why would I want to return to the brutal grind of teaching required general education classes when I could continue lounging around on the couch and watching movies all day?  I may sound like an unrepentant slacker, but I can guarantee that all of the other English professors feel the same way.  I was out drinking wine with all of them tonight, and they all agree.

Nonetheless, I have got to prepare my syllabi and generally groom myself for the Spring semester.  In addition to coming up with a new plan for the new Writing curriculum (which is all somewhat experimental and we all have to come up with our own reading lists and it is all so newfangled and annoying), I also have to seriously pare down the list of required readings for my literature classes.

I love that there are so many things I want to teach, but I hate that (inevitably) when I come up with a plausible reading schedule, only after having snipped the list of things I’d want to teach by half, I still always have to then prune it further, cutting painfully, one by one, favorite books and stories and poems until I have a list that is appropriate for the average college sophomore trust fund slacker antisocial rugby-shirted moron.  Just thinking about it has me slamming my fist onto the desk.

Goethe, I am sorry, but you just do not fit.  The same to you, Anita Desai and William Blake and Luigi Pirandello.  I am sorry.  One day we will be together.

In other news, I have just received a disturbing account of what our annual reviews will entail, in addition to finding out the sad state of Summer appointments (i.e. no one gets them and they pay for shit).  My future, it is (as always before and ever shall be) up in the air.

2 thoughts on “oh sweet mama, your daddy got those deep edu blues

  1. John January 6, 2008 / 3:19 am

    Aren’t English professors supposed to drink absinthe? Whither is The Green Fairy, gossamer muse of the literati, gone?

    Any room on that reading list for Alfred D?blin?

  2. clarabella January 6, 2008 / 8:29 pm

    “Tiger, tiger, burning bright,” where have you gone? Oh no, no Blake! Well, seriously, that sucks. And no Desai. Well, I think she is just awesome. But kudos to you for getting your syllabi in order ahead of time. I’m usually up the night before and still *bold* the disclaimer “subject to change at ANY time.”
    As far as the summer goes, that bites, again (for the bajillionth time). I am in that same boat since I think I’ve fallen off the radar here for the last time. I’m gonna get a job, yes, a real part time job and screw the (academia) man! Just don’t go back to the bank!
    BTW, remember that cute little orange tabby at the Patterson farm? His name was Blake, because of the aforementioned poem. He was a cutie. He ran off to live with another family. Too bad he got the hint before I did to leave the farm. Har, har.
    Good luck this semester!

    P.S. And no Goethe either? I guess Naufftus’s syllabi just isn’t time-wise practical anymore. Or maybe he just made us read entirely too much fucking stuff?

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