Guilty Pleasure Confessions: Dance!

Dance shows aren’t actually the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures — after all, dancing is an art, so I can always think of myself as a Patron of the Arts every time I gleefully settle in for an episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Let’s face it, though: I mostly like the cute, cute boys and the breakdancing. I am afraid I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that after the show ends I recreate the breakdancing performances in my kitchen. I don’t even know where you would have heard such a thing anyway.

The goofy-ass costumes are a lot of fun, too.

Suffering the absence of SYTYCD since the last season ended in the summer, I was thrilled at the premiere of Bravo’s new dance show, Step It Up And Dance, last week. While Fox’s SYTYCD is made on the model of American Idol (which I flatly fucking refuse to watch), purporting to choose not the best dancer at the end of the season, but rather “America’s Favorite Dancer,” Bravo’s SIUAD is the sister show to Project Runway, Top Chef, and Top Design (um, all of which I watch religiously), meaning that it is decided by the panel of judges rather than America’s vote.

As might be expected on a Bravo show, they are not afraid of The Gays. While the judges on SYTYCD are always pushing the (clearly gay) male dancers to butch it up, and none of them are even really allowed to mention their sexuality, the guys on the Bravo shows are out and proud. Bravo, I say! The weird undercurrent of homophobia on the Fox shows has always made me uncomfortable.

Well, let’s not get too serious here! It is a dance show, which means it is completely impossible to take seriously. After all, they had Mel B., a.k.a. Scary Spice, as a guest judge last week. There is nothing serious about that. The audience was treated to the excited squeals of an 18-year-old B-Girl who has been watching the Spice Girls “her whole life.” For one thing, holy Hell I am old; for another thing, spice up your life!

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