Ever since I had my cable installed at the new apartment, I have been resigned to living with a huge annoyance: for some reason, if I had both the Cable/DVR and the DVD plugged in to the TV at the same time, they would over ride and commingle with each other, rendering each one useless. They’re supposed to show up on different input “channels” (e.g. “Video 1” and “Video 2”), but they would both show up on each channel. It was infuriating. I had to keep only one plugged in at a time, and when I wanted to switch between TV and DVD, I had to drag the TV out from the wall and crawl around on the floor switching out the wires.

Well guess what? Yesterday, after I rearranged a few things and put up my awesome new DVD shelves, I happened to be looking at the TV from a different angle, and do you know what I found? There is a whole extra set of input plugs hidden in a little nook on the side of the TV! What the hell? Immediately I tried plugging the DVD wires in there and OF COURSE they fucking WORKED. Those stupid plugs have been there, hiding, on the side of the TV the whole damn time (unless, that is, they sprouted there through some kind of asexual plug reproduction like a budding hydra).

Anyway, never again shall I have to crawl around behind the TV futzing with wires like some kind of dumbass. Rather, I shall be sitting regally on the couch, hound dog at my side, operating the whole system via a collection of crusty old remotes while I sip mah wahn. WIN.

3 thoughts on “OMG I AM A GENIUS.

  1. suomichris April 6, 2008 / 2:49 pm

    I think you should patent the whole hydra-esque port reproduction idea. That would make some serious cash, some of which you can then share with me!

  2. Sho April 7, 2008 / 12:51 pm

    I love when I solve technological issues like that. I’m just wondering what it looks like when both the DVD and the cable appear on the same input channel. Do they sort of appear side by side, or is it an overlay, or does sometimes one appear and then the other?

  3. Alfina the Vague April 7, 2008 / 1:14 pm

    Suomichris – Ah, money. That would be nice!

    Sho – It’s mostly the sound that mixes up. I might get either picture, depending on how I did the wires (there are 2 input sets on the back of the TV that I kept swapping between), but not both. Soundwise, I might get either both soundtracks simultaneously, or just the soundtrack that DIDN’T match the picture I was seeing. It was all very Twilight Zone.

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