Local Music, Ahoy!

This weekend, my friend S. dragged me out to the country, in spite of my grouchy and anti-social end-of-semester funk, to see a bunch of local bands. I am quite happy that she succeeded in getting my cranky ass up off the couch, because we had a great time!

It’s the first time I have gone to see any local music on purpose since moving to New Wye — many times I’ve caught a local band or two at the bar when happy hour wound up lasting into the later parts of the evening, but in those cases the bands were just a noisy nuisance, too loud in a too-empty bar, preventing us from gossiping with the ease we ladies normally require.

This time, we drove out to the country (The country, people! Way out in that country!) to a little warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Well, they call it a warehouse, but basically it was a barn. There were lots of dogs, and the refreshments were a brown-bag affair. We brought some sangria, and other people were passing around cases of PBR and selling ribs out front. Like I said, country.

The music was really, really good, though. There was (in my opinion) an over-abundance of washboards, but there were also more useful traditional instruments, like mandolins, banjos, washtub basses, harmonicas, accordions, and many guitars.

Do I also need to mention the cute boys? Well, I guess I just mentioned them. I now have a raging crush on a washtub bass player who had his hair done up in a bun with chopsticks. Normally those three things (washtub bass! long hair! chopsticks in a bun!) would be mercilessly mocked by me, but let me tell you this dude was working it. My friend said his singing was “like a New Orleans ghost,” which strikes me as about right.

The whole evening was rather rejuvenating, in that way that happens whenever I find a local bar where no one is wearing khaki, or, say, when I see a person with a mohawk. These things lift my spirits. Needless to say, a whole barn full of weirdos getting down to hillbilly-punk music* pretty much made my week.

*Dude, I have no idea how to describe this music. I would just call it what the one band calls it, but it involves a description that’s a little too geographically specific for this anonymous blog. If you know me and are interested, email me and I’ll send you the band’s link.

One thought on “Local Music, Ahoy!

  1. melanie April 25, 2008 / 5:27 pm

    the link, if you please! that sounds like an awesome night, from the barn to the pbr to the chopsticks.

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