Studiously Lazy

I have been having quite a lovely and relaxing weekend, knowing that there are no immediate academic tasks vying for my attention. Aside from a couple of annoying emails from students asking unimaginably dumb questions about their grades — emails I am studiously ignoring until I am back at the office — there has been plenty of nothing to do.

Instead of work and productivity and scholarly activity, I have been reading the His Dark Materials series (almost done with the last one, and it’s all fairly good though I have a few issues with the narrative strategies, but that’s a post for another time), watching a little television, and taking the dog on long walks through the neighborhood.

Today, the dog assisted me in my photographic efforts, making sure to jerk the leash at just the right time to offset the composition of the shot I had planned. He believes spontaneity is of paramount importance in any art form, see. Here are a couple of things we saw on our walks:

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