Lost Season 4 Finale: It Was Actually Good!

[Some spoilers! ALERT! Go watch the episode ASAP! Then come back!]

As all fans of Lost know, the show can be a bit, uh, spotty when it comes to the quality of individual episodes. It’s the overall effect that keeps the show going, but it can get frustrating from one week to the next. Thankfully, the Season Four finale that aired on Thursday was fantastic! I am now just dying to see what will happen next year. Unfortunately, by “next year” I do not mean “Fall,” but actually “2009.” Sigh.

Anyway, Jack, who tends to annoy much of the audience (though not me, really) was less potentially annoying throughout the whole episode. Good job, Jack.

It should also be noted that he was looking, as usual, mighty hot. Except of course when he was made up, as below, to appear with a beard of pubic hair all over his face. Facepubes are not OK, people. Let’s get the makeup team on that!

The best moment of the episode was the appearance of Penny, who’s all casual-like “Oh yeah, I have a tracking station!” She and her badass tracking capabilities show up just in time to reunite with Desmond (steamy kissing! love! yay!) and whisk him away dog knows where. I hope it’s not the last we see of them, though.

In the picture below, we see that the rescued Oceanic Six are being helped out by some Other Others on the island where their rescue boat lands. These are not spooky Others with dubious motives, but merely Others in a Post-Colonial, philosophical sense. See?

Anyway! Moving on from my bad literary criticism jokes, may I just mention that Sun revealed herself to be a complete and total badass in this episode? I have always been a fan of Sun and Jin, and the scene where they got separated was just awful. I’m hoping that, whether we somehow see Jin again or not, Sun’s demonstrated badassedness will continue.

Charles Widmore may have seemed to be a total badass before, but witness his consternation when faced with the badassedness that is Sun:

“Oh shit, now what?” That’s right, Widmore, you bastard! NOW WHAT?

No seriously, though, now what? I am ready for next season right away!

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