Sine Qua Huh?

Who watched last night’s BSG? Did you also see the previews for next week’s? Did they really just reveal the final Cylon IN THE PREVIEW? I hope not. Jesus. Stupid preview.

Also regretting falling asleep halfway thru the previous episode. So confused about what happened to Roslin.


  1. I am a couple of episodes behind, and accidentally watched the Sci-Fi channel this weekend and saw a preview, and started screaming incoherently with my fingers in my ears and eyes closed. This was rather embarrassing, as I was in a room with about ten other people, all related to me, and all of whom think I’m nuts anyway…


  2. I don’t think they’re telling “the whole truth,” if you know what I mean? I think they’ve cut and edited that preview to make us think something that’s not necessarily the case. Also, for us dorks, if you really think about the syntax of what 3 says, it could go either way. Also, I’ll be pissed if that is the final cylon. That is all.


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