A Big Night for TV and Pants

Tonight is the first performance (as opposed to audition) episode of the Best Summer Reality Show Ever, aka So You Think You Can Dance. The top twenty dancers will be paired up into ten couples and will each dance a number. I can’t wait! Two awesome hours of dancing! Or an hour of dancing, half an hour of filler, and half an hour of ads. Whatever, still PSYCHED.

Then! Just at the point when my TV-Happy brain chemistry will be at the apex of its intoxication, just when it will seem that things can’t get any better, it’s the Top Chef finale! Go Stephanie! Also, Go Blais! Also also, GO AWAY, LISA!

Not having TV at home makes the prospect of heading to my friend S’s place to watch these shows seem like a Special Event. I mean, I’ll be watching TV outside of the comfort of my own home — probably even wearing pants! I know, right?

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