Ever Reaching New Levels of Botheration

It’s the last week of classes, except for the inevitable crush of grading that will result after the final exam.  As usual, I can’t believe the summer class went by so quickly!  They always do, though.

I may be getting the chance to teach another class during the second summer session, but I won’t find out about that for a while. (Probably not until the day before the class starts, because they just like to take a long-ass time to do anything important here, such as notify people of their teaching loads and schedules.) It would be a great, great thing, financially, but it would also take away from the time I have slated for research and writing.  We will just have to see what happens!

You don’t care about any of that, though, do you?  I bet you came here to hear me bitch about the many nettlesome things going on in my life.  Well, Reader, I would never want to let you down.

Let’s just start with the fact that my car is having a(nother) weird electrical problem and the tail lights aren’t working, which led to me getting pulled over and getting a ticket.  The ticket wasn’t for the tail lights, oh no, but for not having my insurance card.  I can get it voided, though, by bringing my insurance info down to the courthouse, which I tried to do yesterday.  Because this is New Wye, Land of All That Is Completely Ass-Backwards, the ticket was not yet “in the system,” so I couldn’t do anything about it.  No doubt it will be weeks before I can.

You know what else is “not in the system”?  My New Wye state tax return, for which I am entitled a refund.  Apparently there is a long-ass “processing time,” which I can bet would be significantly shorter if I were required to make them a payment instead of the opposite.  No, you cannot file online in this state, believe me, I tried.

Currently, I am waiting for my mechanic to call me about my car — but I don’t know if he will even be calling today or if I may have to wait until tomorrow, or indefinitely.  Judging by the way things tend to unfold in New Wye, it could be months.  It’s no use asking, since the particular brand of English spoken by said mechanic is near unintelligible to me.

I will not even get into my ongoing feuds with both UPS and the people who write the clothing descriptions on oldnavy.com, except to say that, apparently, 10:00 is “between 10:30-2:00” and “hemline hits above knee” can be translated as “hemline hits eight inches below knee.”  It’s hot here, man.  My knees just want to be FREE.

I hope you are having a better week, dudes.

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