Baltimore, Britain, or Dank Blazin' Buds?

I have recently downloaded a bunch of TV to keep me busy in my lean summer without cable or TiVo.  While I have been waiting for things to download, I have been re-watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars on DVD, now that I finally own all of them. (I like to watch my favorite shows straight through, to appreciate the story arcs and whatnot.  Also because I am obsessive about both TV and narrative structure.) When I’m done with that, I expect the last of my downloading will finally be done.  It seems wrong to complain that the videos I am downloading for free via my neighbors’ wifi are going too slowly, but there you go: they’re going too slowly.

Here’s what is currently in my queue or has just arrived:

The Wire (Season 2) – I tried to watch the first episode of this season twice already, and only ever got about halfway through it.  I respect the show, and at times I even find it compelling, but sometimes it’s just too tiring to watch. I’m feeling kind of meh about it now.  Does the second season pick up speed soon?  I’m sure once I make it through 2-3 episodes, I’ll be sucked in.

The Tudors (Season 1) – I’m eager to jump into this based on my friend Clarabella’s description: she is loving it so far! And, of course, there is the issue of the ultimate yumminess of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, hello. Beyond that I don’t know too much, but I’m betting there will be fabulous period clothes and sumptuous sets, etc., which are always fun.

Weeds (Season 1) – I just talked to my friend Suomichris about this show the other night, and it sounds really great! I’ve liked Mary Louise Parker a lot ever since she was on The West Wing (which I watched religiously for the first 2-3 seasons, then inexplicably quit watching).  I’m also thinking a (dark) comedy would be a good pick-me-up after the long, exhausting school year I just got through.

What should I watch first?  DECISIONS, DECISIONS!  What do you think?


  1. I finished both seasons of Tudors. Awesome. Also, look out for Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk (eventually). He is HOTT! (Like you find yourself drooling like Homer Simpson HOTT.)
    Also, I was going to suggest Weeds too. It’s awesome. I have watched the first two seasons this week, between napping and lesson-planning and teaching and watching a toddler. It’s only 30 minute episodes, so it seems to go fast.
    Started season 3 and CANNOT stop. MLP is great. I’ve loved her ever since Angels in America.
    Sigh, I wish we lived in closer proximity so we could shirk responsibilities and watch fab TV together. Oh well, someday.


  2. I’m thinking go with Weeds. I started watching last season, and I loved it. The new season is shaping up to be quite good, and it’s only two episodes in.

    Have you watched Dexter yet????? New season in September…whee!


  3. Also, never did get past the first two episodes of the Tudors…did it pick up after that or something? Other than the fabulous costumes and Ol’ Henry there, I couldn’t get into it.


  4. C – Yeah, I wish we did, too! We would have to watch all the Lost and BSG together, of course.

    R – I LOVE Dexter. What a great show! So dark, and so compelling. Also, so cute!

    I have already watched the first season of Weeds since this post — am possibly going to check out The Tudors next, but we’ll see. Also, eagerly waiting for Weeds S2 to download….


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