SYTYCD Keeps Stepping It Up

So You Think You Can Dance was back with another performance episode tonight, and with the top seven couples performing two dances each, the show was simply JAM-PACKED WITH DANCING!  And, if you’ll imagine me saying this in a Mary-Murphy-esque scream, THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT!  What fun!

Three of my favorite couples so far each had an amazing routine:  Kherington & Twitch and Katee & Joshua each danced a Mia Michaels contemporary routine, and both couples were great.  Mia’s routines have been hit or miss, for me, as they can sometimes be a bit too literal and/or emotionally manipulative (for example, the dance about her dead father last year – ugh).  The routines of hers that I like are the more conceptual ones, like one I seem to remember involving goggles, which I believe was danced by Lauren and Neil last year (though my memory is a bit foggy on that).

Tonight, Katee & Joshua’s routine fit that bill:  there was an awesome moment where Katee jumped through Joshua’s arms and stopped short in midair.  There was also something Nigel called an “assisted run” which made it look like Katee was running/floating just above the stage, like the way we run sometimes in dreams.  I loved it.

Kherington & Twitch’s routine verged on the too-literal side of things, but they executed and performed it so well. They pulled off the performance and emotional connection so believably. I might add that Twitch looks damned good without a shirt on!

Over all tonight, there was plenty of hot dude eye candy!  Jessica & Will did a Mandy Moore routine where they used Will’s shirt as a prop, and he used it to lift and throw and manipulate Jessica all around the stage.  It worked really well, and I am slowly getting to like them as a couple more and more.

The other routine by Mandy Moore was Chelsie & Mark’s jazz routine, which was so entertaining, and they again proved how great their partnership is — the performance was spot on, and they made the dance seem really effortless.  It’s been fun to watch them, especially since they didn’t stand out to me much in auditions — now, as a couple, they’re doing great stuff together!  Did anyone see their Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop routine last week?  It ruled.

I think both Mia and Mandy brought great routines this week!  Along with Tabitha and Napoleon (who can also get a wee bit literal, but whose routines I invitably love), they are my favorite choreographers.  I am loving the show so much this year!

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