Summertime, and I am pretending that the living is easy.

I’m now finished with my Tour of Doggy Duty, so I have plenty of time to devote to scholarly activities. I decided, however, to take the rest of this week off, so I won’t be heading back to school until Monday. Let me tell you how much I am dreading that: A LOT. In addition to dealing with the plagiarism case (STILL), working on some articles for possible publication (STILL), I have got to start thinking about my courses for next year (ALREADY). I will now take a deep breath and try to forget about all of that for the moment.

Today I spent the day ignoring the above issues, and instead lazing around the house having cocktails-and-movie hour. I mean, I WAS going to go jogging, but I was cruelly thwarted by a dead iPod battery and another afternoon thunderstorm. What’s a girl to do?

Since it’s been a bit of a vacation lately, I’ve been devoting more time to leisurely pursuits, which means I’ve mostly been posting to the media blog, which you should, like, totally go check out. (It’s a separate URL, so your feeds and bloglines and stuff for this site don’t work for that one, hint hint).

Right now, I am going to kick back with a vodka-lemonade and the new Beck album — I may post some tracks from it over at the media blog later, so check back if you want to hear any of it. Tomorrow, I’m heading out to the country for another local music / BBQ fest. I tell you, life is hard sometimes.

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