Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Hey, all you fans of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly: did you know Joss Whedon’s internet mini-series, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, is now showing? Act I is up now, and Acts II and III are coming later this week. It’s online for a limited time only, and it’s awesome, so you should go check it out posthaste. There’s Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and supervillains singing. Go on. You know you wanna.

(That picture was, like, totally a link.)

P.S. There seems to be a huge amount of traffic to the site, so if it’s not working right now, do check back later.


  1. I finally got it to load at school and after laughing my ass off at it, bought it from itunes. Nathan Fillion had me snorting with his Capt. Hammer. Can’t wait for the rest.


  2. NPH, at his best here. Gotta love the guy. Oh, and Capt. “Hammer” Tightpants in not-so-tight-pants. Who knew the guy could sing? Sweet.

    I waited and waited for this to come along, and then totally forgot about it until last night when G4 announced that Whedon broke the internets. And then I was all, “OH NO OH NO I FORGOT I FORGOT!”

    I’m going to wait until the DVDs come out to purchase. For now I’ll suffer through the stuttering feed from the website.


  3. Is anyone else having Doogie Howser flashbacks with NPH at his computer in his doctor clothes, telling the world his business??? I am, kinda sorta.


  4. this is awesome! i’ve been waiting for a whedon musical since “once more, with feeling.” (for which i may or may not have the soundtrack. what?) neil patrick harris perfect. i can’t wait for “dollhouse.” oh, joss, how i’ve missed you!


  5. Glad you guys are enjoying it, too. I hadn’t thought about the Doogie Howser business, but that’s a good point! These days I mostly see him as Barney from HIMYM (does anyone else watch that? I kind of love it). ALso, I TOTALLY can’t wait for the DVD, since I’m sure there will be oodles of cool commentaries and other special features. Yay.



    I hate musicals, why do I love this? Seriously, why????

    He is a master at making you laugh your ass off in one beat and then ripping your guts out in the next, isn’t he?



  7. I have the songs stuck in my head. I may have to download the episodes from iTunes just to relieve my brain.

    And yeah, the ending: ouch-y, yet pleasant, yet still ouch-y.

    Also, I want to hear Bad Horse’s terrible death-whinny.


  8. It’s just so gooooood. I’m trying to be patient and wait until the DVD comes out, but I’m very tempted to buy it on iTunes so I can watch it again. But I just made a rule about re-buying things (like we can’t rebuy movies we have on DVD for the Blu-Ray), so I’m going to be good and wait. But it’s sooooo gooooood.

    I’m just going to sit over here and pout for a minute.


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