More Musical Gadgets for You to Enjoy!

That’s right, there’s more free music for you to listen to. You may have noticed my list of recently played tracks there in the sidebar — it magically knows what I’ve been playing on my computer, iPod, or phone — courtesy of, a great site for anyone obsessed with music and self documentation, like, say, me. It will occasionally allow you to play the tracks I’ve been listening to, provided they host full versions of the songs. Sometimes, though, all you get is a 30-second clip. How disappointing, right?

Well, be disappointed no more! I added a little widget below my recent tracks that plays my so-called “radio station”: you’ll get a random assortment of my tracks, and all are full versions. You can skip the ones you don’t like, and, for the ones you do like, you can click the little link to have play you more similar stuff. It’s a great way to find new music. Go on and check it out!

P.S. Since my profile over at is not anonymous, I disabled all the links to it, so those elements of the widgets don’t work. Everything else should be functional, though.

P.P.S. These only show up on the main page, not the individual post pages.

One Comment

  1. Music + self-documentation == fun and interesting! I’m really enjoying using the iScrobbler plugin for iTunes and listening to the “My Recommendations” station. Apparently knows that I like singers who sound like Jenny Lewis and Nicole Atkins, which is a good thing.


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