(Utterly Useless) SYTYCD Season 4 Finale Tweets

Instead of writing out any coherent thoughts about the So You Think You Can Dance finale tonight, I think I will simply post my Twitter comments from the evening. I think my favorite parts were the Lil C comments. That man is like a deep ocean of nonsensical metaphors balanced on the freeway of bombast and simultaneously feasting on a buffet of dubious imagery.

It goes without saying that this will hold no interest whatsoever for anyone who doesn’t follow the show, and likely only very little interest for those who do. Regardless, because I don’t feel like a thoughtful post, here you go:


Awww, all the top 20 are back (except poor injured Jessica).

OH SNAP, Lil C is back, balanced on the fulcrum of unintelligible blather.

SHANE SPARKS! Also, Comfort looks atypically great in this routine. Also, I will maybe not be twittering the WHOLE time. [note: this was clearly a lie]

Nigel is so effing smug about introducing the world to Bollywood, as if we had never heard of it before. Effing Nigel.

CHBEEB FTW! Also, strangest battle ever. Contortionist robot: not menacing.

Also judges are on crack even more than usual. Robert? Really? It is odd that I only agree with Mia.

Oh look, Shankers picked my 3rd-least favorite hip hop of the season. (Only ahead of the 2 Cecily/Olisa routines).


“This show is like a pristine museum with the most immaculate portraits ever.”

Also, “the mind is the birthplace of ingenuity, and you use your heart to mediate that to the dancefloor.”

OH NOOOOO, Mary is dancing. And she seems kind of….drunk? Is better than her talking though.

Liked this Pas de Deux better the second time. Oh, Will, you’re too, too good. Awww, and Debbie Allen is there to see it!

I ❤ this Sonya routine with Courtney and Mark!

Totally cried during montage. I am helpless in the face of montages, esp for the really sweet dancers I really like.

I know this is horrible, but I can't help but hear the title of this song as "Five Guys Named 'Mo." I'm sorry; I suck.

Wow, I'm surprised! I'm also pleased they gave Katee a prize for being top girl — they should've been doing that all along.

Oh lord help me now. Nigel is tap dancing. And shouting. And sweating. Effing Nigel.

Cat: "and while Nigel heads backstage for oxygen…."

[in response to a qustion about which dances I would want to see in the remainder of the show] HAHA. Russian dance, my ass. Um…"No Air," or maybe K&T's jailbreak or krump. Feel like I'm forgetting some….

Debbie's impression of LilC just made my LIFE.

Nice to see K&T together again, even if not a hip hop routine. Glad K got to dance a routine tonight, too.

Past faves dancing again: best thing so far tonight.

Either way, a hip-hopper wins. We all win!

I'm mostly sad we get no montage for either guy…

And, now that SYTYCD is over, there is nothing to do but wait for next summer. Sniff.


  1. i too agreed with mia and was shocked SHOCKED that the wrong popper won. i missed mary’s dance, was she good? what kind of dance was it? will have to consult youtube. kherrington (sp?) did not impress me with her audition, but grew on me as the show went on and i was bummed to see her leave. i did enjoy both guys, but i still feel like katee was kinda robbed. i mean she was just sick at everything. i guess it was reasonably cool that both of the top two were untrained street dancers who were able to do a passable paso doble when the moment called for it. i really think they started the “best girl prize” this year especially for katee since she was so amazing. also, how could twitch not win? was there backlash against his awesome popularity or something? i guess he still gets to go on the tour and hopefully pick up some sweet post SYTYCD gig like some of the notables of the past they showed on the “where are they now” part of the finale. so happy to see that b-girl sara ended up with work! loved her! do you think they get paid well for the tour or is it basically like indentured servitude?


  2. I’m glad someone else cares about the show as much as I do!

    Mary’s dance was a Latin number, and she partnered with Dmitry from season 2 (?). It really was not bad. I think it would be cool to see all the judges dance throughout the season. Maybe one judge every week?

    I don’t know about the tour, but I know that on any reality show, the people are being paid to be there (whether they win or not). It’s a “stipend” or something. I’m sure it’s decent pay — more than any of them would make at their probable minimum wage jobs (since they’re all, like, 18-20).

    Anyway, what a great finale! I’m not even too mad about Twitch not winning. I always had the impression that Joshua was more popular, based on the judges’ verbal fellating of him & Katee every week.


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