Tedium, Happily Interrupted

So, yeah, school is starting again on Monday, and we are all in denial over here. The honorable and dutiful part of my brain kept telling me I was going to go into the office today and finish designing my writing course, but the sleazy and unreliable part of my brain kept me in bed until 12:30 and then chained to the couch after that. The most active thing I did today was head over to B.’s house to watch the latest Project Runway (regarding that: the show is quite entertaining this season, but many of the clothes are simply le suck).

Whenever the start of a new semester rolls around, it becomes time to start orchestrating the New Routine of Awesomeness. This is always far too ambitious, and the plans, as excellent as they may be, always wind up getting pushed aside in favor of lazy underachieving. Here are some examples of plans I have briefly considered, which have never come to fruition: waking at 5 every morning to go running, packing a gym bag for post-office-hours workout, packing healthy lunches every day, planning and reading a week ahead of time for classes, grading papers within a week after they’ve been submitted, avoiding happy hours during the week, coming into the office early to prepare for class, and showering every day.

Instead, of course, what evolves is more like this: waking just in time to throw on clothes and get to school, only walking/jogging with the dog on weekends and then only if the weather is in a specific 10-degree range, buying overpriced sandwiches at the coffeeshop for lunch, planning for classes at the last minute if at all, grading papers approximately two weeks after they’ve been submitted and only on the night before they absolutely must be returned, hitting 2-3 happy hours per week, and showering only when legally required.

Which is all just to lament that the best laid plans yada yada yada. Christ, I am boring myself now.

Well, my self-indulgent rant on the intricate disappointments of my personal schedule just got pre-empted by a few hours of phone-talk with friends C. and C. Lucky for us all! And now, with thoughts of school happily shuffled off for the time being, I shall sign out and leave this as it stands.


  1. While the “New Routine of Awesomeness” may exist in theory, much like “Staying Sober while Grading”, it is impossible to achieve in practice.

    Also, decorum demands that you at least aim for a shower every other day (unless you are applying for French citizenship, that is…)


  2. If you can manage to shower between 11:55 pm and 12:05 am every two days, then that might count as showering every other day. That would be VERY PC out here on the drought ridden west coast.


  3. Alfina, I am feeling the need to discuss the increasing ugly that is coming out of Project runway. I’m not happy. I don’t want to holla at anybody’s boy. I’m actually disappointed that these frocks are NOT as creative as the crap that was being produced in the awful 80s.

    Please. Can we talk.


  4. J & S – So, um, you guys are saying I have to shower, huh? Damn.

    R – Oh, we DEFINITELY need to talk Project Runway! I just put up a post about it over here, with plenty of pictures of all the transgressions!


  5. Yeah, pretty much – unless you’re French – then, apparently, you are exempt under some kind of cultural clause I suppose. Otherwise you must stand under some kind of running water, yep.


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