There, I Said It: The Olympics

Are the Olympic games over yet? If not, when will they be over? Is it soon? Please let it be soon.

Remember when the Olympics only happened every four years? Well now, since they’ve staggered the winter and summer games, they’re on every TWO years. They may as well be on every week, if you ask me. And yet, people will still be all, “OH, but they ONLY COME ON EVERY FOUR YEARS!” Patently untrue.

And damn, when the Olympics are on, they are on ALL THE FUCKING TIME. All day and all night, it’s just Olympics, Olympics, Olympics. It never freaking ends. If it isn’t swimming, gymnastics, track, synchronized diving (yes, this is a real event), it’s that damned beach volleyball, which appears to run twenty-four hours a day, and — let’s face it — is more of a bikini contest than an actual sport. Do not tell me they need to wear skimpy two-pieces for better athletic performance.

I will tell you the only good thing about the Olympics: the beautiful, soothing blue color of the swimming pools. It’s really a nice color.

Cool Blue Cube, Just the Way I Like to See It: Empty

Cool Blue Cube, Just the Way I Like to See It: Empty

Other than that shade of blue, the Olympics can suck it. There, I said it.


  1. and also, what, no mad men post this week? what do you make of the interaction between peggy, her nasty jealous sister, and colin hanks the priest? i watched on demand tonight instead of last night and enjoyed the lack of commercial interruption. the egg thing was so wrought! so poignant! man it just hit like a kick in the gut. poor peggy, she shoulda put that kid up for adoption, isn’t that what they did back then? though i think the clear implication from the earlier episode was that she was…incompetent right after having the kid and the state wouldn’t let her make her own decision about it.


  2. THANK GOD re it being the final week of the games!

    As for Mad Men, I’m still downloading the newest episode (no cable means I can’t see it until some kind soul uploads it to the internet and then I can download it, which means I see it 1-3 days later), so I’ll post about it in the next couple days. (I am studiously not reading your comment till then!)


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