1. A tiny blog? Looks more like a mobile messaging thingy or something along those lines. And why 140 characters? It should be a nice prime number like 139 or 149.


  2. And a fight between Twitterers? That would be a Twittersnit.

    And a collection of the best twitterers, that’s the twitterati.

    And…(etc, etc)


  3. J- It can be either — it really depends on how you and your circle of people use it. I often just broadcast my own ideas, but then I also spend quite a bit of time replying to others, in conversation.

    S- Hey, nothing is stopping you from twittering your haikus!

    TimT, you are always the master of the wordplay. I tweet my hat to you.

    Timothy – Oh no! Twitter is the best. Everyone THINKS it sucks, until they try it and get addicted. You know, like meth. Anyway, my real-life identity has been on there for over a year and loving it.


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