Back to the Routine

After the first day of Real Teaching (i.e. not just taking roll and going over the course objectives), I am unsurprisingly exhausted.  At the end of a day like today, I feel like my insides have been emptied out with a giant ice-cream scoop, and all I have left is the damp and slightly rumpled shell of my formerly perky self.

My schedule this semester is particularly annoying– have I mentioned I am teaching three days a week instead of my typical two?  How galling, to have to show up to work three days a week.  Can you imagine the indignity?  More than that, though, it’s the hour-by-hour schedule that is so taxing.  Rather than teaching both writing classes and then both literature classes, or vice versa, I have a scrambled-up schedule that has me shifting gears every hour.  I know! Life is hard!

All sarcasm aside, though, it is truly exhausting, this standing in front of a classroom and lecturing and trying to facilitate discussion and guiding and moderating and encouraging.  Especially the first week, when you haven’t gotten to know any of your 120 students yet.

It’s a good thing I have the evening to relax, which I’ll be doing tonight with friends and the newest episode of Project Runway.  I’ll likely post some thoughts on that later on the media blog — where, currently, you can see my favorite items from the latest Mad Men episode, if you’re into 1960s fashion and household goods.  (And frankly, why shouldn’t you be?)

And now, I think I will sit here and stare at this wall blankly, dead behind the eyes, for a few more minutes before I make my way home.

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