What a Drag

Well, it turns out that I do not have terribly many thoughts and opinions about the latest Project Runway show, in which the designers were challenged to create new gowns for a bunch of fabulous drag queens.

I missed the judges commentary because during the show I was talking to one friend on the couch with me and another friend on the phone, but I gathered that the judges really liked Terri’s geisha-style outfit, although it didn’t win.

The hell?  I’m sorry, I know this photo looks pretty fierce, but that is really just because the photographer captured a fierce pose.  Coming down the runway that thing looked like a complete disaster.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with the winning design either, but, like I said, I just didn’t have a lot to say about this runway show.  I’ll be happier when they are back to designing the high-fashion gowns and such.

Drag queens are fun, but they are more fun when you go see their live shows and dance and drink and smoke cigarettes with them afterwards.  I miss the drag queens of Zembla, basically.

Anyway, what did you think of the show?


  1. i was so glad to see daniel booted, with his “i have impeccable taste!” pretension. what a twat! i thought blayne was soo off the mark last week that it should have been him to go. his continued presence vexes me a great deal and i am just as sick as the other designers of him adding -licious to the end of every word thinking he is clever and generally trying way too hard to be the christian of this season. i wanted to throw something at the tv tonight watching him.


  2. Ok, so what I was going to say before is that I hate that Joe won, but the stretchy spangly pink sailor suit was quite amazing. I also truly believe that Terri SHOULD have won for her holy-crap kimono, because the outfit fit the queen. The future-punk-hyper-hybrid queen. Very nice.

    I agree with mel, WHAT A TWAT that daniel was! So tell me, what exactly was spanish colonial about that dress he made???


  3. M- Blayne is annoying, and I think he’ll wind up going soon. I mean, surely, right? (and don’t call me Shirley!) His taste is definitely off the mark A LOT, but then I also think that about Stella, whom I love (if only because of her resemblance to a certain mom of a certain guy we both know).

    R- I didn’t see enough to notice how Terri’s outfit fit her model (like I said, distracted during the show), but I do have to say, I really didn’t like it on the runway. Joe’s jumpsuit was…not what I would’ve planned or imagined, but it was SO well done. Joe, inexplicably, keeps doing good (or good-ish) things. Hmm.


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