Weather Underground

You’ll be happy to know that I and the other residents of Chateau de Vague survived all of the storms on Saturday, in spite of tornado warnings that continued throughout the evening, night, and early morning.  There is nothing like the eerie sound of tornado sirens at 3:30 am, I tell you.

Well, the adventure continues.  The sirens sounded again in the middle of my first class, just as I was about to say something brilliant about documentary film.  My students and I headed down to the basement, along with the hundreds (or thousands?) of other Wordsmithians in the building.  We were in the campus’s biggest and tallest building, which is also the tallest building in our entire county, because apparently the one thing we have a lot of in this county is Liberal Arts professors. Luckily, the basement was big enough to fit everyone relatively comfortably, and we even had a little extra room for nervous pacing and searching for a stronger cell phone signal.

Once the tornado warning had expired, the school announced that classes were canceled for the day, which means that not only will my brilliant thoughts about documentary film go unheard, but also that I will spend the day tending to a nervous, needy dog instead of to my whippersnappers.

It’s certainly nice to have the day off — I’m just hoping the kids take advice and head staright home.  I overheard a bunch of them talking about walking home or to the library, and I was all, “Um, y’all should GO STRAIGHT HOME, HELLO.”  I mean, sure, stop on the way and pick up a few cases of beer and have a tornado party in your basement, but don’t dilly dally, am I right?

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