What I'm Watching & Listening to Tonight

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother (I KNOW it’s awful, but I simply CANNOT RESIST) could be the best one yet this season: it’ll surely feature a bunch of the chaos and fighting that must have erupted after Tuesday’s Veto Ceremony, and it’ll feature a controversial eviction and a surprise double eviction. All live! LIVE! Thrilling!

But if you think I’ll be watching that instead of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, you must be fucking insane. My GOD I have been glued to the convention this week. The only major speech I missed was Hillary’s (due to Tuesday night Trivia), but I caught up via YouTube as soon as possible. I swear, I have never watched C-SPAN in all my life until now. I’m pretty psyched, actually, that even with my bare-bones basic cable package one of the twelve channels I get is C-SPAN. Rock on, fucking C-SPAN, rock the hell on!

But! Did you know! That tonight’s events at the convention will include not only my boyfriend Barack Obama’s sure-to-be great speech, but also a speech from one of my many other boyfriends, Al Gore, and a performance by my Full-Time Lover, Stevie Wonder? I can barely contain my excitement!

I honestly can’t express how excited I am and how perfect, FUCKING PERFECT it is to have Stevie singing tonight. My stomach is rumbling with anticipation already. Tune in tonight, shake your ass, shed a few tears. This will be some of the BEST TV EVER.


  1. I keep seeing such great Obama artwork online. He really has captured the graphic designer vote!! I love those posters by Shepard Fairey.


  2. Agreed! I have seen a bunch of very cool Obama graphics, posters, and shirts. Some of the coolest shirt designs are on cafepress.com, but I don’t want to buy one there since I’m not sure the proceeds would go to his campaign. I’ll be buying one from the official site, which also has a bunch of nice designs.

    Regardless, it’s VERY COOL how many people have been inspired to support him through their creative talents — everything from design to music (I’m still a sucker for will.i.am’s “Yes We Can” video, though the performance of that song at the convention was a bit spotty).


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