Mad Men Whiskey Glasses (and More)!

Perhaps the biggest search string that brings people to this site is “mad men whiskey glasses”  — Dude, I hear you!  Those are some nice whiskey glasses!  Unfortunately for the people who arrive here via this search, I have neither a good picture of the glasses (only this far-away pic) nor any info on how to buy some for yourself.  I know! I suck!

Well, internet, I am here for you!  Here are a couple of better pictures of those nice, rounded, gold-leafed whiskey glasses in Don Draper’s office just for you.

No Don, Cheers to YOU!

Slurpity, Slurpity, Slurrrrrghhh

Slurpity, Slurpity, Slurrrrrghhh

You are welcome!  In return, all I ask is that if you should find some available for sale, please think of me.  (And then tell me where you found them!)

Other nice items from the latest episode include this lovely blue glass vase outside Mr. Sterling’s office:

New Girl, Go Away.  Please Leave the Shoes.

New Girl, Go Away. Please Leave the Shoes.

Please to ignore the peevish “New Girl,” who is nothing more than annoying (although her spectator pumps are quite fashionable).

I would be remiss if I did not mention the lovely silver lighter Slavatore is using here:

Slavatore Lights his Cigarette Dramatically!

Slavatore Lights his Cigarette Dramatically!

Let’s just call it the Lighter of Impending Drama!

What did you think this week?  I really liked the last 4 seconds!


  1. Does ANYONE out there know where I can find those Whiskey glasses–I am in Stockholm, Sweden watching Mad Men and seriously wanting those glasses–I would appreciate any information on where I can buy them!!!


  2. No idea where to get the glasses, but I do have a nice closeup I just grabbed off the DVD that you’re welcome to add to your collection.

    The “Platinum Silk” Double Old Fashioned glass by Royal Doulton (thanks Google!) is the closest I’ve been able to find.

    That said, Crate&Barrel has some of the coolest highball glasses I’ve seen in my search.

    -Bottoms up.


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