Now on Facebook, Like a Big Old Dork

People, you KNOW how I love the internet, right?  I just LOVE IT.  Whenever there is something new for me to try on the internet I will try it.  Helping displaced Nigerian Royalty move their money to the U.S., captioning pictures of cats, watching girls go wild, updating people about my every move on Twitter: yes please, I will!

When I found out how the blog networks on Facebook work, thanks to Clarabella and Miss Zoot, I figured I should go ahead and claim my blog over there.  Now you can join the Zemblan Grammar blog network, and you can also add me as a friend if you need more people to send pieces of flair or hatching eggs or whatever.  (If you have no idea what I am talking about, um, CONGRATULATIONS, you must have a life!)

If you have a blog network on Facebook, leave me a link to it so I can join, please!

(Also, if you are on Facebook, could you help me out by confirming that I am the author of this blog? On the blog network page, on the right side, there is a “Help confirm the author” link.  Thanks!)

(Also also, I will refrain from thinking too hard about how it is possible for one Facebook account holder to confirm the identity of another Facebook account holder for the purposes of proving authorship of a bunch of electronic articles on the Internet.  If I do think too much about that, I may end up face down on the carpet muttering about the simulacrum and pixels.)

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