Please Don't Make Me?

I find myself in possession of approximately 110 student essays, each awaiting my painstaking care and attention.  What a lovely situation to be in on this Monday afternoon!

While I would very much like to go bury my head under a duvet and dream happily of a life in which I do not have to read freshman composition essays, it seems that instead I must actually begin grading.  Oh, woe!  Wail!  Rend!  Weep!  Gnash!

The only consolation I have is that there will be three glorious hours of Heroes to watch tonight, and I will be able to enjoy every minute of it, guilt free, if only I do my due diligence with the grading.  I’m ready to get started on that any minute now.


  1. You can DO it! Regular intake of a good toddy while grading will dull, if only a little, the instinct you will have to kill. Smile with your glass of gold love in your hand, knowing that despite what that librarian says, you are Doctor Vague. You are the master of your classroom. Your red pen is a mighty sword.

    And if all else fails, Project Runway is on tonight and Kenley looks headed for a breakdown.


  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

    My usual grading-and-substances philosophy (and I’m not sure it’s a good one, it’s just the one I’m working with) involves large amounts of caffeine instead of alcohol. The chemical mania really keeps the green pen a-dancin’!

    Also, OMG, Project Runway! I could not BELIEVE it when Kenley said she “just can’t really listen to Tim.” She deserves to be gone just based on that alone. WTF.


  3. No kidding!!! What the hell, Kenley…do you even have a brain?????

    I would have smacked her a good one had been in the same room with her and heard any of the Tim bashing comments she made. Ugh. She was on my list of good in the beginning, now she’s on my list of STFU.

    I’m pretty certain that LeAnne is going to win. I’m just saying.

    At least mr. 3rd person is gone. Though, I have to admit, his outfit was not as bad as Kenley’s. I liked it, and knowing all the people I know who rock and/or roll, the outfit was not really all that bad. Ok, the boots were bad. And it’d have been a better outfit on, say Joan Jett….


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