The Emmys: Mad Men and 30 Rock

Although I am a shameless TV junkie, I have to say I’m not always a fan of the Emmys. They usually wind up awarding the same actors and the same shows over and over again — if you saw last year’s seemingly endless fellation of The Sopranos, you know what I am talking about.  Nonetheless, I watched this year’s show because, hey, I was home and on the couch, and making a midterm study guide for my literature classes was only taking up 20% of my brainpower, so I needed something else to do.

It was another unremarkable show, made interesting only by the occasional glimpses of my favorite nominees: Hugh Laurie, Neil Patrick Harris, and the whole Mad Men posse.

Mad Men win Best Drama

Mad Men win Best Drama

I was predictably psyched to see Mad Men win for best drama, especially after they failed to pick up any acting awards.  Congratulations, you clever, attractive people!

30 Rock, of course, picked up the award for best comedy (after Tina Fey was awarded for her acting and writing and Alec Baldwin for his acting):

30 Rock wins Best Comedy

30 Rock wins Best Comedy

I have to say, 30 Rock is not a show I have been watching.  Out of a mix of boredom and curiosity spwaned by hearing so much about the show in the week leading up to the Emmys, I had decided to download the first season so I could check it out.  Fortuitously enough, it finished downloading just minutes after the Emmy broadcast, and I was able to watch a few episodes.  And, um, I guess I am really not sure what the big deal is.  While it’s certainly better than comedies like Two and a Half Men or Everybody Loves Raymond — which have both, utterly inexplicably, also been nominated and awarded consistently over the years — it’s just nowhere near as good as The Office or (the totally underappreciated but AWESOME) How I Met Your Mother.  I’ll probably try to watch a few more episodes just in case something magically sinks in, but for now, my verdict is: OVERRATED.


  1. i haven’t been watching 30 Rock regularly, but i think it gets better further into the season. my vote was for the office though, and i agree that how i met you mother better as well. the mad men cast looked great and i have to admit i was surprised to see the bald guy win over jon hamm. well deserved wins for best drama, writing, art direction, and cinematography (the other two were best hairstyling and main title design)! as for hugh laurie, he wasn’t there — unless i’m totally blind — so you must have imagined him…(i don’t blame you!)


  2. Oh no, did I imagine Hugh? How sad! I must have seen a glimpse stock photo they were showing and not noticed that it wasn’t actual footage.

    Also, I tuned in kind of late, so all I saw Mad Men win was writing and best drama — I’m glad to know they got those other awards, too. If they hadn’t won art direction I would have declared it a travesty and boycotted the Emmys forever!


  3. I agree that 30 Rock is rather overrated, but every once in a while an episode comes along that is pretty exceptional (mainly, “Jack-Tor,” “Somebody to Love,” and “Sandwich Day”). Bits and pieces are funny, but it lacks a lot of what makes The Office and How I Met Your Mother so universally excellent.

    I’m only two episodes into Mad Men, but I like it so far.


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