Perfect Friday?

It’s been a long, long week of grading and other lame duties — no, seriously; my week even included that quintessentially Lamest of the Lame Duties, an afternoon spent at the DMV. Actually, a morning and an afternoon. Five hours, almost!

(Sidebar: Can you believe it? FIVE HOURS? ALMOST? I had only ever heard stories about DMV inefficiency, but had never had any problems myself. Luckily for the employees, I was there for a friend who’s getting her license, so I decided for her sake not to go ballistic on their lame, lazy, inefficient ASSES for making us wait that unbelievably long! May I assure you, however, that I did cast some extremely stern glances their way!)

Today, blissfully, all that is over. I decided to skip out of my office hours and embark on my weekend a little early.  So far, it is going swimmingly! To wit:

The weather has been lingering delightfully in the lower 80s (and even sometimes in the 70s, OH THE JOY), so I took the dog outside and let him play fetch until his tongue was almost dragging on the grass. There is nothing like the sight of a happy little dachshund bounding across the lawn like a bunny rabbit to lighten your mood.

I hit the grocery store before the hellacious, suicide-inducing 5:00 rush and bought all the ingredients for an excellent dinner, including stuff to make brownies, which I never do, but DAMN my house smells delicious right about now!

I even had an extremely excellent 4:00 cocktail while lounging on the couch with my pants undone.  Could the evening be any more perfect?

(Sidebar, the Second: apparently, the ingredients for my happiness include shirking my work, chocolate, whiskey, and dogs. I am nothing if not predictable.)

The rest of the weekend is going to be filled with grading and scholarly activities (working on a conference paper and my job-search dossier, both of which induce extreme anxiety and pain), so I figure I had better tax it, wax it, and relax it tonight.  Later on I’ll be tuning in for the first presidential debate at the University of Mississippi (SO EXCITING).

And what are YOU doing? I hope you’re having a Perfect Friday, too.


  1. The sheriff’s little brown puppy dog of mixed pedigree yipped and jumped and played with my medium sized white puppy dog of mixed pedigree on the front lawn this afternoon. My white dog does this move where she skips about lightly on her toenails, and hops, looking like a bunny/greyhound/kangaroo/rocketdog. She’s awesome. I have to agree with you that little black dachshund dog doing that is so much more cute.



  2. [QUOTE](Sidebar, the Second: apparently, the ingredients for my happiness include shirking my work, chocolate, whiskey, and dogs. I am nothing if not predictable.)[/QUOTE]

    Welp, the apple don’t fall far from the tree, does it? LOL

    but s/whiskey/red wine/ and s/dogs/cats/ — the latter mostly due to circumstances.


  3. wow, that all sounds soooo good. i can smell the brownies. i heard an interview with the “achewood” creator on morning edition today. it made me think of you. and ben, but mostly you. so there’s that, if your monday needs a little perfecting.


  4. R – Aww, sounds like you had a god dog day, too. Also, the sheriff’s dog! You guys are fancy!

    St.A. – Hey, works either way (except in the case of my cat, who is more annoying than cheering).

    J – Busted! Am totally a dude! Heh.

    MDW – Oh, cool! I wish I would’ve caught that interview, but I was in the car at the wrong time. Hopefully they’ll have it on the website (which was down earlier today, annoyingly).


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