Mercury Retrograde, Please Let This Be All You Have in Store for Me.

I’ve got to dash off a quick post while my laptop seems to be working — earlier today, the display backlight wasn’t functioning, and, though the computer itself was working just fine, I couldn’t actually SEE anything on the screen.  Knock wood and all, it seems fine now. In fact, I suspect that the only reason it wouldn’t work before was because I was sitting in the DMV waiting room (again!) (and there’s a happy, happy story about the DMV this time, but it will have to wait until I get the chance for a longer post).  Of course it makes perfect sense that my laptop would stop working within the walls of the DMV office, since, apparently, NO WORK AT ALL is allowed to go on there.  Seriously, WHAT DO THE EMPLOYEES DO?

At any rate, I’m free from all those worries for the moment, as I am taking a few days off from school to present a paper at a big conference for my discipline.  I present my paper tomorrow morning, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out about it a little.  For one thing, it’s one of my favorite ideas ever, so I’m really hoping I can convey it well to the listeners.  For another thing, I had thought that, with the broken laptop and all, I wouldn’t be able to spend the evening lovingly tinkering with my sentences.  (Fingers crossed, the laptop will KEEP working long enough for me to do that.  Just my luck, I will hit “publish” on this tedious and inconsequential blog post a split second before the screen goes black again, leaving me and my paper in the dark.)

And now, I leave you to go watch the vice presidential debate.  Have you seen Sarah Palin recently?  Here are some videos on the media blog just in case you haven’t.  That bitch is one fierce pitbull.  [And by the way, the political button is staying up until the election.  I normally never get all political over here, but for once I actually really care, so just accept it, OK?]

Wish me luck on my paper, wouldja?  I am a horrible public speaker, so I need all the luck I can get!


  1. Hals- und Beinbruch! (I think you know that talk).

    “We’re tired of the same old politics”, says SP. Yes, yes we are.


  2. You will knock em dead tomorrow. I’ll be quizzing my kids on Rip Van Winkle and jumping frogs, but wishing I was listening to yr paper.


  3. You will do swimmingly and then add some phantasmagoric (as a certain D would say). I wish I could be there to see the Doctor in action. From afar, I’m thinking of your brilliant success!


  4. I have done oodles of presentations. I find getting up there and acting all relaxed just relaxes everyone and makes the atmosphere conducive to a talk. I always try to make a cheezy joke – hey even if one or two people laugh it’s a win!

    My best advice is to not think about it much and just casually saunter up there, greet the audience, and start. No monotone! No slouching! Move around a little! Eye contact! Good stuff, you’re done!

    Go deliver that paper! Then, at the reception, have lots of wine, they offer it for the specific purpose of relaxing academic nerves.

    No need for worry, you will be fantastic!


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