Back in the House!

House, M.D., one of my favorite procedurals on TV, is back! And they’ve brought my TV Boyfriend, Dr. Greg House, too.  Well, this is old news. It’s been back for a while now, and I have neglected to say anything about it because there has been simply so much TV and so little time!

New this season is a Private Investigator hired by Dr. House who has been investigating the patients as well as Wilson and Cuddy. I kind of love him, but I’m also hoping that Wilson returns to a bigger role soon. I need my House/Wilson dynamic, just as any fan of Sherlock Holmes needs the Holmes/Watson dynamic. That’s just the way this thing works!

Anyway, one recent episode featured Dr. Horrible‘s Felicia Day as the patient of the week, and she did a great job. That week we also got to see a brain on a deli meat slicer:

"Slice it up real thin, please.  And then I'll need a pound of that smoked gouda!"

"Slice it up real thin, please. And then I'll need a pound of that smoked gouda!"

Seriously, I have worked in a deli and we had that exact slicer! It’s good to know that Élite medical professionals use the same old slicer that we Regular Joe Sixpacks use.

We also got to enjoy a lovely close-up of Dr. House’s face and his sparkly blue eyes as the patient took off her eye bandages at the end of the episode:

The REAL Dr. McDreamy

The REAL Dr. McDreamy

Wouldn’t you like to wake up from surgery and see this face? I think I would.

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