More on True Blood

I have been sticking it out with True Blood in the hopes that my love for sexy vampires (and the humans who hang around with them against their better judgment) will win out over my loathing of terrible fake southern accents.  For the most part, it has.  I’ve been enjoying the show, while still occasionally cringing over the accents and silly redneck clichés.

One thing I am not totally sold on, though, is the sexiness of the main vampire, Bill.  He’s so far, to me, not terribly sexy.  In fact, he seems kind of boring.  I just don’t know.  What do you think?

As for Sookie, sometimes I think they are trying a little too hard to make her sexy.  I didn’t take a screenshot of this (it would have felt a little skeevy to do so), but has anyone else noticed that she is constantly wearing just a skin-tight white camisole and skin-tight short-shorts that ride up in all the wrong places?  For one thing, it looks incredibly uncomfortable, and for another thing, she looks almost naked most of the time, and I just think it’s a bit much.  And now I have officially turned into my grandmother.

I do, however, thoroughly enjoy the presence of William Sanderson, one of my favorite actors from Deadwood, as Sheriff Bud Dearborn.  His accent among all of them rings true — he’s from Tennessee (my home state!), and I can tell you that he talks exactly like a man his age from Tennessee.  Exactly. (Because…he is.  Just call me Captain Tautology!)  He sounds just like my eighth-grade science teacher, in fact.

Dearborn and Bellefleur seem very confused about this restroom.

Dearborn and Bellefleur seem very confused about this restroom.

He plays opposite Chris Bauer, another HBO veteran from season 2 of The Wire, as Det. Andy Bellefleur.  I guess I don’t mind HBO recycling all their actors as long as it’s the ones I like.

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  1. I’ve got major problems with this show, if you recall from my previous post, but I have been watching it anyway. I’m not in love, but I don’t hate. It’s a strange one. The accents are above and beyond horrible, the fangs are illogically placed on the second incisor rather than the canines, Bill looks tired all the time, everybody’s half dressed and sweaty all the time…UGH.

    I can’t stop watching it, though. I think it’s that crazy Jace Everett song in the credits or something. I think a second season has been ordered already.


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