Clickin' it Old School

I have recently been using WriteRoom for some of my writing projects.  Suomichris tipped me off to it a while back, and I’m currently still using the 30-day free trial.  I’m not sure if I’ll purchase it at the end of the trial or not, but I certainly am loving the distraction-free, simple, adorably retro interface:

I feel like I should be taking breaks to play Oregon Trail.

I feel like I should be taking breaks to play Oregon Trail.

Check it out here, if you’re interested


  1. I heart the shit out of that program. Similar, but with outlining features and etc. is Scrivener ( I used it for a project, but it hell of fucked up everything when I exported, but this was probably because I use weird fonts. It’s worth checking out.

    Also, you know you can change the colors of the background and text, right? I have mine just look like black on white. I also LOVE the typerwriter scrolling!


  2. It’s kind of adorable! We actually have a terrible DOS program at work that they are finally going to phase out. I was shocked the first time I saw it (last year!)


  3. Just a brief glance tells me it looks like a nice, powerful text editor. I like those. Also looks like it’d be a cinch to couple with LaTeX or similar typesetting system to produce really clean typeset output with minimal distraction and effort.


  4. Timothy – for some reason, WordPress keeps spamming your comments. I find the when I am checking my spam comment box. Are you secretly trying to promote P3n!s enlargement meds via your blog? Heh.

    Anyway, yeah, I am liking the WriteRoom. For some reason, the full-screen mode and easy editing features make me happier than boring old TextEdit. It must be the green-on-black look. (Though I might change it to amber-on-black for kicks.)


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