Halloween Weekend, I am Almost There.

Oh my god, y’all, I am up in my office right now and I actually have thirty minutes to myself, due to a couple of last-minute cancellations in my packed schedule of student conferences. This week has been one of those weeks wherein every single spare second of my time has been planned, plotted, and scheduled to death. I have barely been able to check on the internet every now and then, and let’s not even TALK about how behind I am on television watching, butt scratching, and whiskey swilling.

Actually, hold on a second. I have to go take a minute for myself.

Okay, I am back. If you MUST know, I had to go to the ladies’ room. It was a really special moment in there, too, as it’s the first chance I’ve had to go since I left the house this morning.

Sweet sesame cracker but I am busy lately. Part of it is that it is late in the semester and the school duties are piling up; part of it is that its job application season; and part of it is my own damned fault (as usual). See, I have canceled classes next Wednesday, because I plan on staying up late on election night and either celebrating my butt off or weeping myself dry — either way, I won’t feel like school the next day. This is all great and fine, except it means that all the student meetings and things I would normally put on the schedule for Wednesday had to be done this week, or Monday. (I don’t even want to tell you how horribly busy my Monday is going to be. Shudder.)

On the one hand: day off. On the other hand: you never get a day off without paying out the nose. This is science.

After my conferences are done today, I blazing out of here so fast there will be a trail of dust behind me. It’s not just that I’m so eager for the weekend (I AM), but I also have to run a whole bunch of errands before my Halloween party — including buy the remaining pieces of my costume! Of course I did not obtain them ahead of time, despite the fact that I have known what my costume would be for ages now. What would a holiday be without frantic last-minute planning, I ask you?

And what are you doing for Halloween?

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