I'll Make My Own Winter, Damnit.

We are well into November by now, the calendar tells me, and yet the stupid fucking weather forecast for New Wye has temperatures in the 70s this week.  It is a goddamned crime; I tell you.  This frustrates me more than I can adequately describe — after a summer of humidity and heat in the 90s and 100s, I still have not managed to stop sweating.  Fucking November and it is still humid. I still have the air conditioning on.  It is on RIGHT THIS SECOND, in fact, at 10:25 at night. My hair is still curly and frazzled from the wet, locker-room-esque air, and has been for as long as I can remember.  I am about ready to murder someone.

All of this makes the sweater-dress I purchased today seem a very ill-considered decision indeed.  Nonetheless, it is very cute:

And it will look excellent with my knee-high leather boots (provided I ever get the chance to wear them again).

In spite of the extremely horrible and unseasonable weather, I am still feeling very wintery myself.  It is the time of year — appropriate temperatures or not — to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a huge mug of hot coffee and have cozy, wintery, semi-sad thoughts.  Goddamn it all, I am determined to do this.  My friend Golightly and I were discussing the appropriate music for this in the car today while listening to The Decemberists, and we both agreed that they are an ideal band for such a situation.  Go listen to a few of my favorites and see if you disagree.

I was originally feeling the need to make this post all rambly and long, but I have just realized that I have a whole big stupid article I assigned for tomorrow that I have not even read yet.  OOPS.  I’d better get to that.


  1. I don’t know how it’s so hot there when it’s nipple-cripplingly cold here. In fact, I know how cold it is in your neck of the woods and it’s not 70. Are you having hot-flashes or something?

    Here, it’s freakin’ 33 degrees out right now, and only 50 degrees inside the house!!! Ok, so we don’t have heat right now… but I’m wearing a few layers on top, sweat pants, my husband’s fluffy warm socks and my winter nightgown over everything. And I’ve been huddled up under a blanket on the couch with husband and dogs.

    Do you really have the air on? Really???


  2. Ugh, yes, really! I woke up this morning after turning the AC off for the night and it was 75 in my apartment. Google tells me it’s colder outside, but I haven’t been out yet. My apartment is SO HOT ALL THE TIME; I have never even turned the heat on in a year and a half of living here.
    But it’s not just the apartment. In New Wye, I’ve also never: needed hats or gloves. I’ve only once: worn a winter coat or winter boots (on both occasions it was more for fashion than for warmth). It’s supposed to be 72 on Thursday, and, like 68 every other day. I want to cry.


  3. OMG yes! Except that I will get to move to Europe, and you will be stuck in New Wye, which of course is really [redacted], which of course is a shitty place to live, especially for a cosmopolitan dude such as yourself. I am just warning you! So yeah, send me those keys and I will head on over. Does your landlord allow dogs?!


  4. Yes, the landlords in France allow dogs – the public transportation does not. In fact, Europe is much more dog-friendly than North America. Switzerland allows dogs everywhere – restaurants, trains, buses, apartments, department stores, etc…. The Swiss love dogs. The only place I couldn’t take my dog when I first moved to Switzy was the grocery store (for health reasons). Everywhere else? Fair game.


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