Tie. Erd.

Why hello there, friends of the internet.  It is approximately 7:16 pm here in lovely New Wye, and I am currently forcing myself to stay up until at least 8:00 before I allow myself to collapse into a stupor on top of the covers without even taking my pants off.  I only got about an hour and a half of sleep last night, see, and after a long day of teaching four classes and then working on more job applications, I am feeling a bit exhausted and delirious.

The worst part is that I wasn’t even up late last night doing anything fun! It would be better, arguably, if I had been up partying, or maybe writing, or at the very least doing some last minute grading and prepping for class.  But no. No. I wasn’t doing anything but lying in bed and waiting to fall asleep — my mind just wouldn’t sink into unconsciousness.  Instead, it stayed stubbornly right there on the surface of my pillow, which happened to be pressing into my head and neck in annoying ways at every moment.  The sheets, too!  The fucking sheets! They were constantly TOUCHING me and I could FEEL them.

So I’m pretty tired right now, I am saying, but I will be back on the train tomorrow, I hope.  Keep your requests coming, people!

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