Nothing to See Here, Folks.

This has been one of those weeks where everything has seemed unnecessarily hard just because I’ve been exhausted the whole time. For example, I was running out of clean clothes, so I did some laundry, but then I was too tired/lazy/busy to put the laundry away, so I keep having to rifle through my laundry basket every morning to get dressed. This task is made even more difficult because I only have one working lightbulb in my bedroom and most of my clothes are black, dark gray, or dark blue, so it’s pretty difficult to see exactly what it is I’m rifling through. I could do any number of things to make my laundry life easier, but I keep not doing those things. Maybe tomorrow?

I’m taking the lazy way out of my daily blogging duty today so I can spend just a smidge more time horizontal on the couch. I am thinking, however, about a post on the subjects of love and romance and dating and how annoying those subjects can be — a topic that has been requested via email by a friend of mine.

Since there is nothing to see here on that subject at the moment, may I redirect you to what I wrote about that the last time it was on my mind? It’s right here. (As you can see by the February 2007 date on that, the subject doesn’t get much airtime.)

In the meanwhile, keep telling me about your parallel universe jobs — I love them!

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