Technically This Counts!

In just a little bit my house is going to be invaded by a little chihuahua who will be staying here for a few days (fun!), and then I’m going out to dinner and then on to pub trivia. Since I don’t know if I’ll make it back in time to post before midnight, and since I don’t want to ruin my so-far perfect streak of posting at least one mediocre entry per day for NaBloPoMo, please allow me to get away with this for today:

Behold, it is a picture of my new (to me) Royal Typewriter, bequeathed to me by my friend K. (the same friend K. who gave me the Kama Sutra couch, in fact).

I actually have oodles of things to tell you, which I will tell you when I get the chance to write something more.  On the other hand, if I get stranded again with no daily post before the end of the month, I will show you my other typewriter, which is a lovely turquoise Underwood Leader. Aren’t you thrilled?

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