Dog Fight!

For your enjoyment on this, the day before Thanksgiving, may I offer you a video of two little dogs fighting?

With my friend B’s chihuahua staying over at my place, this is pretty much the scene all day and all night. They wrestle and bite each other around the neck and then, occasionally, they take a break to run wildly around the room in giant circles. Once they are done with these exertions, they repair to their separate corners and pass out for a little while. If I am taking a nap, they both climb on top of me and go to sleep there. It’s all very adorable.

In addition to watching all the dog playtime today, I am also grading some papers, thinking about some last job applications, and planning my menu for tomorrow. I almost had to murder a bunch of idiots at the grocery store today, but then when I came home I had a glass of wine and two cute dogs to distract me, so here we are.


  1. I know! But this is after they’d been doing the same thing ALL. DAY. LONG. I guess they were just going through the motions here. When they romp around the whole room in endless circles, though, it’s pretty entertaining.


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