The Dogs Have Had Enough, but Have You?

Are you sick and tired of pictures of the cute puppies yet? After the video of them fighting adorably, have you had your fill?  Well, if you still clamor for more cute puppy pictures, I may have some bad news for you.  The puppies.  They are sick of it.

Here I tried to capture a photograph of what it looks like from my own point of view as I try to take a nap on the couch while simultaneously serving as a squashy piece of dog furniture.

Put the camera away and go to sleep, lady.

Put the camera away and go to sleep, lady.

As you can see, the dogs were not impressed by my daring attempt at gonzo journalism.

Below, you can witness what can only be called a look of extremely jaded weariness:

Look, we are both sick of the incessant photography. We will not frolic for you any more.

Look, we are both sick of the incessant photography. We will not frolic for you any more.

At this point I had caught the two dogs napping in an adorable little pile and, in my glee and hurry to take pictures, had accidentally woken them up.  After some blurry attempts to photograph their adorable synchronized yawning, I managed to get this darling picture.  Don’t they look charming?

No? No, you say? Yeah, I guess they look less like adorable puppies here and more like salty teenagers, which is about right.


  1. Oh my gosh, for Thanksgiving, my parents brought over an extra big black (and very, very sweet) dog. First, my puppy decided that she would DOMINATE him, so she became this horrible, aggressive asshole, forcing me to pretty much bodyslam her and hold her down until she cried. I’m such a mean dog mom. After that, she chilled out, and then THEY PLAYED AND PLAYED AND PLAYED. Nonstop, all day. Even my older dog got in on some of the action. So then, the next day? None of them moved, even though there was turkey being fried and cooking going on in the kitchen. They just slept. It was hilarious. I’ll have pics up soon.


  2. I bet your house was like a big dog convention! That sounds incredibly fun — except, you know, for the bodyslam part. But I sometimes have to turn my dog upside-down when he gets into his territorial alpha mode, too. I’m all “I AM BIGGER THAN YOU SO DEAL WITH IT.” Anyway, after all the excitement, these guys were studiously napping for 2 days.


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