The Twelve Days of Finals (and a Reminder About Mix CDs)

Today was the last day of classes! Oh yes indeed! My head is throbbing from all the busyness at school today, which included: twelve frantic emails, eleven late papers, ten kids asking what their grades are, nine broken copiers, eight slow elevators, seven students whining, six colleagues gossiping, fiiiive coo-oold coffees, four broken pencils, three lost books, two paper cuts and a strange error in my grade book.

(HA! You liked that, didn’t you? And now that song is stuck in your head. Hey, I just do what I can to share the joy of Finals Season.)

In the case of students clamoring to know what their averages are before finals week even begins, I really have to resist my usual sarcastic urge. If I didn’t, I might answer along these lines: “Um, NO, seeing as how you have not taken the final yet, I do not know that information! However, I can offer you the number for Miss Cleo’s Psychic Friends Hotline.”

I am in the mood to relax tonight, let me tell you. One of the many ways I will be relaxing will involve burning a bunch of copies of my mix CD. You know, the one I would like to send you. Have you emailed me your address yet? There is still time. Please do! (Also, overseas people need not worry! There is no limit to my ability to mail CDs. I am like Santa Claus in that way, except for one small difference.)


  1. There is no limit to my ability to mail CDs.

    Well, in that case … Hi Alfina; found you via Lexicon Harlot and have been hanging around quietly for a while. If you don’t mind posting to an Australian lurker, I’d love a CD. Sending you an email now …


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