Weights and Counterweights


My friend Golightly and I, along with about a dozen other people, got kicked out of the on-campus gym today in the middle of our workout. Why? Apparently the building wasn’t open yet, due to a change in operating hours during finals. (Tell that to the open door, the lights, the maintenance staff, and the dozen ladies running on the elliptical machines.)

I have now been rejected by three universities and two others have had to cancel their searches due to money problems.

I am running on a modified budget myself, also due to money problems. (Tell that to the ridiculous dinner I ate out on Saturday night, however: the price of the wine, even after splitting it among three people, had me quaking in my fashionable boots.)


I have just come from a celebration of John Milton’s 400th birthday, and am happy that I know people who would throw such a celebration in the first place, and happier still that I got to eat a slice of devil’s food cake decorated with Naked Adam in the Garden of Eden. I didn’t eat any of his interesting parts, unless you consider muscley calves interesting…hmmm, wait, I do.

I got my panel information for a conference I’ll be attending next semester, and I’m happy about the prospect of writing the paper and about seeing two long-distance friends who will be in attendance.

Tonight is trivia night, and we English Department Nerds will rule with iron fists. The best part: I don’t have to teach class at 9:00 tomorrow as usual; instead I’ll be proctoring a final exam at noon. Bring on the adult beverages!

5 thoughts on “Weights and Counterweights

  1. Alexis December 12, 2008 / 2:02 am

    Is it your birdy? Happy birdy!

  2. Alfina the Vague December 12, 2008 / 4:13 am

    Rut roh! It is my birdy. Thanks! My birdy-one, in fact. You are on top of things all right!

  3. Alfina the Vague December 12, 2008 / 4:15 am

    Also, do Australians say “birdy” or is that just a Lexicon pun? Inquiring minds bent on slang MUST KNOW!

  4. Alexis December 13, 2008 / 3:19 pm

    It’s just me.

    But speaking of birthday-themed puns, my niece has recently informed me that the lyrics to “For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fell-ow-ow, and so say all of us” (yes? please tell me that this isn’t a peculiarly Antipodean birthday song) are actually “For she’s a toasted marshmallow, for she’s a toasted marshmallow, for she’s a toasted marshmallow-ow, and sausages on the bus”. Good old niece.

    Meanwhile, happy day to you, and happy morning after. 31 is a prime number, which has to mean something good.

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