Bits of News, Thanks, and Art for You!

1. I am now about to engage in a brutal and bloody revenge war with the incompetent people at UPS. Not only did they call me last night trying to deliver a package and ask me what the letter of my apartment was (I do not live in an apartment where the units have letters, but rather one with numbers, meaning they were in the wrong location) but then today I finally had to drive out to their horrible outpost in the next town over (an hour round trip) to pick up the damned package and IT HAD BEEN OPENED. WTF. Do not make me have to cut you, UPS.

2. In other news, I seem to be settling into the new semester schedule in an at least passable manner — this time around I can be disgustingly slack and half-assed because both courses are repeats, so there’s little prep work to do.  As long as I’m at school in time to photocopy the things I need, it’s fine.  At least, that’s the story I’m sticking with until it’s time to grade the first assignment.  At that time, prepare for bitching to commence.

3. In still other news, I am also settling back into my running and other working out and, according to the treadmill today, I am running one mile-per-hour faster than I was at the end of last semester.  The whole visualizing-being-chased-by-vampires-while-listening-to-Rhianna running strategy seems to be working.

4. And finally! I declare the whole Mix CD endeavor a smashing success — everyone seems to have received their copy, even the far away folks. Also, I have been the lucky recipient of some creative projects from some of you:  The Slow Learner sent me his Winter 2008 mix, which contained approximately eighty thousand awesome new bands for me to check out, so I’m again in new-music discovery mode.  Thanks, Slow Learner!  I also received today a small book of poetry by none other than Tim Train, illustrated by Lexicon Harlot.  It’s extremely excellent as well!  Thanks, Tim!

5. And here’s something else you will hopefully appreciate: some album art for that mix of mine, created by the wonderful Jair.


(Click on the image to get to the full size, which you can print out and use as a cover.  Thanks, Jair!)

Wow, I seem to have met some cool and talented people through this blog.  You guys rock.


  1. Not a problem! Glad to know it got there! I wasn’t sure when it might arrive, as the delivery of mine was delayed over the Christmas break, and further delayed by my leaving home for about a week.

    I am *loving* the mix tape, I can’t stress enough how fabulously awesomely crazily brilliant it is. I gave a little cry of recognition when I heard the Dr Horrible song on it… what a brilliant choice!


  2. Yay, I’m glad you’re liking it! I have to confess that my hopeless crush on Neil Patrick Harris forced me to include the song. It’s too bad I’ll never be his type! (Now Dr. Horrible, on the other hand, must be looking for a femme fatale…)


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